Advance Planning Tips for Your Upcoming Household Move

Planning is crucial to ensuring your household move goes smoothly for your family. If you want the best experience, you should plan many of the moving steps in advance. 

From packing to canceling utility services, you can do many of the tasks in advance to save you the hassle. This article will cover some planning tips you can do for your upcoming residential relocation. 

Establish a Packing Schedule

Packing is often the most time-consuming part of completing a relocation. If you have a lot of household belongings, it can feel overwhelming to pack all of them for transportation at once.
However, you can make the packing less intimidating by separating the packing into scheduled days. You can separate the packing into specific rooms or areas of your home per day. 

Call Local Utilities Providers to Cancel or Set Up Service

When relocating, you will need to cancel the utilities at your current address before the moving date. You can inform your utility company of the cut-off date you plan to cancel your service with them.

Additionally, you can plan the setup of your utilities at your next destination. Planning to set up services in advance will help to prevent long delays without receiving any service at your new residence. 

Empty your Pantry/Refrigerator of Food Items

Food items generally can't be taken on moving trucks, as they will spoil during transport and cause an uncomfortable experience for the residential movers. Leading up to the moving day, you should eat or donate excess food items.

If you can't eat the food, you can donate them to a local food charity that will distribute them to those in your area. However, the food items must be non-perishable and unopened for the food bank to accept them. 

Make Arrangements for Children and Pets

During the moving day, it's best to have someone you trust to watch your children and pets. Having someone watch your children and pets will allow you to put your full attention on ensuring your household move goes smoothly.

You should make arrangements early in the relocation planning process to prevent last-minute changes. With your children with someone you can trust, you can reduce the stress for everyone involved in the household move. 

Call Moving Companies Early

Hiring a moving company should be done early in the planning process. Depending on when you are relocating, a moving company may have limited openings for new customers.

By calling moving companies weeks in advance, you can ensure they have availability for your relocation. Additionally, you can better plan the relocation with more time before moving day. 

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