Moving can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you don’t have a plan in place. Finding reliable and trustworthy movers is one of the most important parts of the process, but how do you decide between hiring a moving company or using a moving broker? Today, the experienced residential movers here at Liberty Movers will go over the benefits of hiring a moving company versus a moving broker. 

Moving Company Has The Movers 

Using a moving company has many benefits over using a moving broker for your move. A moving company will provide an experienced team of local movers, long-distance movers, or even international movers to handle your belongings with care while using only the best moving equipment. A moving broker will only hire third-party movers to handle your move for you, which means you might not be able to contact them which can be a big issue if there is something wrong with your move. 

Comprehensive Moving Services

In addition to having a team of certified and experienced movers, a moving company will also provide you with a range of moving services tailored to your needs. A moving broker will not be properly equipped to provide you with the moving services you need, such as not having the necessary packing materials and transportation. With a moving company, like us here at Liberty Movers, you can have access to services such as: 

  • Residential Moving 
  • Commercial Moving
  • Storage Services
  • Specialized Moving
  • And more! 

Meeting Industry Standards & Regulations

A moving company is likely to adhere to industry regulations and standards when it comes to handling your belongings. For example, moving companies must be authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to transport goods from one state to another. A moving broker might not be authorized which can mean potential issues with your move. 

Protecting Your Goods

One key benefit of hiring a moving company over a moving broker is that a moving company likely has some sort of damage protection for your items. A moving broker offers no reimbursement options for your items, and they might be more difficult to reach when you are trying to make a claim with them. Some reimbursement options you’ll see include:

  • Replacement Value Protection
  • Weight Value Protection

Go With A Moving Company

For those looking for the most reliable moving services, hiring a moving company, like Liberty Movers, is the best option. Make sure you do research beforehand so that you can make an informed decision that best fits your situation. Call the best Worcester moving company, Liberty Movers, and get your free moving estimate from our expert movers today!