Fabric items require attention when you are planning a relocation. If you don't transport fabric items correctly, you may stain or damage them during the relocation.

As a professional moving company, we have developed the ideal way to move fabric items. This article will provide helpful tips to protect your fabrics during a move. 

Sentimental or Valuable Items 

When you have cherished items, it's best to pack them in a durable plastic tote that protects them against the elements. A tote with a sealable lid will keep water and dirt away from your belongings during transportation. Once you arrive at your next destination, you can use the tote as storage to keep your belongings safe. 

Formal Clothing

If you are transporting clothing pieces like suits or dresses, you will need a wardrobe box to prevent them from wrinkling. You can pack your formal clothing by placing them on a hanger and putting it in the wardrobe box. Most packing stores have wardrobe boxes for sale, or you can rent them from your moving provider. 

Casual Clothing 

Once you've packed all the formal and valuable clothing in your home, you can pack your casual clothes. Generally, standard mid-size and large boxes are enough to transport your clothes. If you have a dresser, you can keep your clothes in the drawer, and residential movers will secure it so it doesn't move. 


When deciding to move your curtains, you may need to consider if they are worth taking with you. Most curtains are designed to fit a window's size, so they may not fit correctly at your next home. If you are unsure about the fit of your curtains, you may be better off leaving it for the next owners. You should bring the curtains in a wardrobe box if they are custom or highly valuable. 

Mattresses and Box Springs

The best way to safely transport your mattresses and box springs is by using a mattress bag. A mattress bag will protect your mattresses and prevent them from being damaged during relocation. In most cases, a standard option is enough to provide suitable protection for your mattresses. If you want more protection, you can invest in a mattress box or a bag made of more durable material.

Fabric and Leather Furniture

Whenever transporting furniture, it's always a good idea to wrap it in plastic shrink wrap to prevent damaging the fabric. Along with plastic wrap, a moving provider will use moving pads to protect your belongings from impacts. These moving pads are secured with large rubber bands to ensure safe transport. 

You should secure furniture items such as: 

  • Sofas
  • Ottomans
  • Accent Chairs

Fabric Artwork and Antique Furniture

If you own canvas artwork or antique furniture, it's best to use custom crating solutions. A moving provider will place your valuables in crates that will protect them throughout transportation. Before moving day, you should request a quote for custom crating and determine if your artwork is worth protecting during the move. 

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