There are many reasons why a moving and storage company will not move certain items. From an item being too fragile, to a combustible hazard, moving companies are just trying to keep your items and our workers protected during a move. At Liberty Movers we have a strict list of items we cannot move for customers. It is best to manage these items in the safest way possible, so we made a list of which items to handle before your next long-distance move begins.

Items Commonly Found in the Kitchen

Perishable items can be transported with proper packing. If you are packing yourself, we do not recommend moving anything that is open or about to expire. We also suggest you try to consume as much of your items as possible for an interstate move. This cuts down on food spoilage over the time it takes to get your items to your new home. 

If you own a fire extinguisher Liberty Movers will not relocate it. These items are highly combustible and it is often suggested they be replaced on a regular basis. We would suggest you properly dispose of your current extinguishers and replace them in your new home.

Items Commonly Found in the Laundry Room

If you have any common cleaning items like bleach, ammonia, or other flammable liquids they will need to be disposed of before packing and moving day. Make sure to check other common areas throughout your home that you keep cleaning supplies for these specific items.

Items Commonly Found in Bedrooms

We find that a lot of families keep their firearms and ammunition in their bedrooms for personal protection. These items will need transported separately from your moving company. You can have these items shipped by a specialty company or you can transport them yourselves. Make sure you look up local carrying laws if you are moving across state lines!

Items Commonly Found in Living Rooms

Plants make great house decor, but are impossible for moving teams to move safely. They would likely be destroyed in a moving truck or packing box. We would suggest you transport your plants yourself or find them a new home before you move. 

Items Commonly Found in a Garage

Most residential moves deal with yard maintenance equipment. It is not uncommon for these items to need to be emptied of gasoline and oil. We will not move any item that carries these items or their storage containers. We have also found that lawn fertilizers and some gardening supplies are flammable if they come into contact with other materials. It is best to give these items away if they are already opened in your garage.

Other random garage items include fluorescent light bulbs and propane tanks. Both hold exploding risks and should be returned to a local hardware store before moving. If you have any questions about moving a certain item, please call us at Liberty Movers. We would love to get you your free moving and storage estimate ASAP.