If you have ever been to central Massachusetts during the warmer months, you know what warm weather can really mean. The heat can be unbearable to begin with, let alone while you are attempting a long-distance move. If there is one thing we know how to do at Liberty Movers it is successfully move during the warmer months. Here are our top 6 tips for long distance movers.

1. Arrange for Childcare/Pet-Sitters During Move

Moving is difficult; however, when you add heat, children, and pets it becomes almost impossible. The best thing you can do to relive the stress that heat can amplify is find somewhere else for your dependents to go. With a more climate-controlled environment somewhere else your children and pets will be happier and easier to manage somewhere else. 

2. Keep Your Home as Comfortable as Possible

We all know the doors will while residential movers are coming in and out with boxes and furniture. If your air conditioning cannot keep up with the outside air, it is beneficial to have fans set up around your home. As a moving and storage company we know how much movers appreciate the extra cool air and you will too! 

3. Find Comfortable and Protective Clothing

One of our best kept secrets is encouraging our movers to wear breathable clothing. Its ability to help wick away moisture is incredible during the warmer months. However, we also encourage you to pay attention to your shoes and hands while moving. It can be dangerous to have slick hands when moving, so it may be beneficial to wear protective gloves that have solid grips. Your feet could also be in danger. That is why at Liberty Movers we require our movers to wear closed toe shoes. 

4. You Can Never Have Too Many Water Bottles

Hydration is important during any move, but when mixed with the heat it is essential to your body's safety. Cold water or room temperature water is best for movers to stay hydrated. We know that our movers appreciate it when home owners take the time to care about their body's wellbeing, make sure to take care of your own too.

5. Service Your Vehicle Before Your Long-Distance Move

No one wants to deal with overheating during a move. Make sure your vehicle has enough coolant and a functioning AC to keep yourself, your items, and your vehicles safe from the outside heat.  

6. Do Not Overexert Yourself

Manual labor is hard and strenuous even without the heat. It is important to take breaks and eat snacks to keep your body moving during the day. If you feel that the heavy lifting will be too much for you in the warmer months, Liberty Movers is here to provide you with a quality moving service equipped to handle the warmer months. Call us today to receive your free estimate.