Not all moving companies are equal. Some just do a better job. When you’re looking for the right fit for your next move, consider asking several questions that will help you determine their level of experience, quality of service, and general business practices. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Get straight to the point and ask them how long they’ve been in business. This question isn’t meant to weed out newer companies necessarily, but it does give you an important piece of the puzzle. If a company is new and they don’t seem to have clear policies and procedures, this could be a red flag. However, if they are new and have dozens of excellent reviews, they might be prepared to do a great job. 

Other questions that can help you determine their experience include asking to see reviews or references from prior customers and finding out if they’ve received any industry recognition.

Can You Tell Me About Your Facility/Services/Offers?

This question keeps you from making the assumption that all moving companies are the same or offer the same services. It’s easy to assume that you’ll be able to customize your services and choose what you want help with—that’s common across the industry. But it’s not a given. Some movers are nothing more than a truck rental service while others strongly prefer to provide a full-service experience and may be a little pushy if you try to scale down.

What is Your Claims Process Like?

This question lets you know how much of a hassle you might be facing if something goes wrong. While nobody hires a moving company with the intention of filing a claim, you want to know that you’re working with a reputable company that will help you when you need it the most. Other process-related questions include asking about how they protect your home or furniture or if they can provide eco-friendly alternatives for packing materials.

What are Your Pricing Policies?

As with any business, there are companies that cater to luxury clientele, those who cater to budget-friendly moves, and a little bit of everything in between. This question lets you know what to expect from the company in terms of pricing and service options. Higher-end companies will push white glove moving services and tend to charge appropriately for their luxury-level services. Similarly, budget-friendly movers may offer more flexibility to give you more control of your costs. Local and long-distance movers also have different pricing strategies, so this is an important question to ask.

Final Thoughts

Not all residential movers are the same. It pays to take the time to carefully shop your options and find the best fit for your needs. From pricing to service quality, there is a lot to learn about each potential moving company. We recommend using high-level criteria to narrow your list down to the top three choices and then conducting more detailed interviews with your top candidates. 

Liberty Movers has more than 100 years of industry experience serving the greater Worcester area with local and long-distance moving services. And, in our experience, the quality of the moving experience depends on how well the moving company fits the clientele. Call to learn more about our moving services today.