Movers with donations

Most of us are aware that we have many more belongings than we need or want, but we don’t really come to terms with this fact until it’s time to move! Instead of hauling those extra blenders, dishes, and clothing across the country, consider donating them to a nonprofit. Gently used items can often be resold or even simply given to people who need them through a variety of organizations.

Many of these nonprofits will even come and pick up the items for you! Others only require a simple phone call to schedule a drop-off time. Whichever the case, you can be sure your unwanted items are going to a good cause.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army accepts donations for a range of products. From furniture, clothes, household appliances, they accept just about everything—even vehicles! The drop-off process is typically very easy. Just drive around to their donation center and a worker will help you unload your items!

Habitat for Humanity ReStores 

This well-known organization is famous for building homes for families. Habitat for Humanity takes donations for building materials, furniture in good condition, and appliances. For questions about donating additional items, contact your nearest store directly.


One of the largest nonprofits out there, Goodwill stores are scattered across the United States. From books to clothing to household necessities, this nonprofit accepts a wide range of donation items. Any money they make on products gets funneled back into community programs.

Furniture Bank Network

The Furniture Bank Network specializes in providing people in need with quality furniture and household appliances. Their goal is to save these products from going to the landfill unnecessarily and instead, helping people through transitions in life.

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