Moving isn’t as easy as throwing your items into some boxes and calling it a day. To prevent your items from breaking during transit, it’s essential to take proper precautions to ensure they have enough cushioning around them. You’ll also need to make sure they’re packaged properly, or you may find that items have shifted (and subsequently fallen) while on the way to your new residence.

This concern is especially important if you’re moving large, bulky items like sculptures, statues, artwork, wide mirrors, and other breakable belongings. There’s nothing worse than unboxing your items, only to realize irreplaceable or expensive pieces have become damaged.

Pack Your Items Wisely

Fortunately, ensuring your belongings arrive in mint condition is possible, provided you take a few extra steps. A vital step of preparing your items for transport is packing them appropriately. Use moving pads when possible, so that your items are protected if any part of them jostles while on the road.

You can also opt for custom wood crating, which means your oversized belongings will have a snug fit to prevent shifting. If you plan to move a large-screen TV, consider investing in specially designed boxes that will fit these electronics.

Think Ahead

Besides packing the right way, smart movers will take a couple other steps to keep their items protected. Purchase full valuation coverage so that you don’t find out the hard way that most companies only cover the weight of the item, rather than their actual value.

Take photographs and an inventory of each item so that there is no question about the kind of condition your belongings were in pre-transit. This inventory list will also help you know where each and every piece is every step of the way.

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