Retiring, moving to another state to be with family, and many other factors might make it time for you or a senior citizen you care about to take the leap and move a long distance away. Since a long-distance move involves leaving a permanent home, downsizing and full-service packing and unpacking are what some moving companies, such as Liberty Movers, provide senior citizens to make moving easier. To provide you with the best tips for long-distance moving with a senior citizen, our Worcester long-distance movers have compiled their knowledge here. 

Work with a Moving Company that Shares Your Communication Preferences 

When it’s time for you or a senior you love to move, communicating with the long-distance moving team is important. There are many ways movers can communicate with you, including: 

  • Phone Calls
  • Text Messages 
  • Video Calls
  • Email
  • And More

Make sure you or a loved one is comfortable with the technology needed to talk with your moving team. If phone calls are the best means of communication, letting the moving team know will go a long way in preventing any confusion. 

Provide Ample Time for the Process of Downsizing 

Oftentimes, over the course of a long, full life, many possessions will be acquired. If you or a senior citizen you are helping to move is going somewhere with a smaller living space, downsizing possessions may be necessary and should always be done with an open heart. It’s important to understand how many items have sentimental value to the senior citizen you are helping to move, which is why you should provide ample time before the move to complete the downsizing process. Let your loved one know that whatever can’t be taken to the new location can be donated to a local charity of the senior’s choosing. 

Consider Use of Full-Service Packing and Unpacking Options

Moving companies that provide full-service packing and unpacking options, such as Liberty Movers, can be extremely helpful if you are helping to coordinate an out-of-state move for a relative. If you or a senior you care about is moving a long way away, full-service packing and unpacking will save you time, stress, and manual labor while ensuring all belongings are professionally packed. 

Consider Relocation of Medical Equipment 

If moving with medical equipment is a concern, be sure to talk with your moving team and ask them what their procedures are for guaranteeing medical equipment is in perfect condition upon arrival. On-time shipping and proper packing are crucial to ensuring medical equipment won’t be damaged. 

Help Coordinate Transportation of Persons and Pets 

The comfort of you or a senior citizen who is moving should be a top priority, as well as the comfort of the senior’s pets. Pets can be stressed during long-distance moves, which is why we recommend pets always travel with their owners if possible and are provided with comfort items like blankets and toys. Comfortable transportation for the senior citizen who is moving should be arranged before the move, too, to make sure none of the journey is painful. 

High-Quality Long-Distance Moving Services with Liberty Movers 

Our long-distance moving company in Worcester would be proud to assist you or a senior you love during a long-distance move. With Liberty Movers, you can expect full-service packing and unpacking, high-quality packing materials, padding of furniture, custom crating of fragile items, and short-term storage solutions. We are happy to be an agent of Bekins van line and have been professionally trained for long-distance moves. 

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