Whether you are moving for work, family, or for a change of scenery—a long-distance move can often be a stressful experience. This uncertain experience can leave many people wondering what they can do to make it less stressful.

As a Worcester long-distance moving company, we have learned the steps to provide a seamless moving process. In this article, we will be sharing some of the ways you can reduce the stress of relocating on you and your family. 

Reducing Long Distance Moving Stress On Yourself

Stressful moving situations are often created by improper planning and unprofessional moving companies. A delay in your move can leave you waiting for your belongings, and an unprofessional moving provider can damage your items. 

One of the best ways to find a reputable company is by reading online reviews and seeing what past customers have to say about their experience. Additionally, awards given to the company can show they have received recognition for their high-quality service. 

If you want to make your move stress-free, you should also consider using the long-distance moving company’s packing services. Leaving the packing in the hands of the professionals can keep your home’s items safe during the move. 

Reducing Long Distance Moving Stress On Your Children

While your new home may seem perfect for your family, children often have difficulty with uncertain situations. With the constant change that comes with relocating, you should make the best out of the situation. 

Explain to your children about the move and keep things positive about the new destination. While relocating, be sure that you keep them occupied and entertained while driving or flying to the new destination. 

Some good ways to keep your children entertained during a long-distance relocation are: 

  • Coloring Books 
  • Portable DVD Player 
  • Playing Card Games 
  • Road Trip Games 

Reducing Long Distance Moving Stress On Your Pets

Pets can often show signs of stress during the process of a long-distance relocation. To prepare them for the move, take some time to get them familiar with the different parts of a move. The boxes, riding in the car, and the travel crates should be familiar to them. 

When pets get very stressed, there is a chance they may feel the need to run away from the situation. Please keep your pet on a leash while they are in the car or while you are walking them outside. 

To prevent your pet from getting lost, put a self-identification tag on them that will stay on them at all times. If they run away, someone can quickly contact you from the phone number on the tag and return them to safety. 

Reducing Long Distance Moving Stress On Your Plants

We often feel comfort in bringing the houseplants that were grown in our past homes. If you want to transport your plants with you, be sure to keep them safe by avoiding extreme temperatures and light. 

A plant grown in the shade can wilt if it is exposed to sudden direct sunlight. Additionally, ensure that the plants you are bringing with you can be transported across state lines. Some plants can carry harmful pests that can spread throughout a state’s agricultural industry. 

Your Dedicated Worcester Long-Distance Moving Company

Since 1920, our Worcester long-distance movers have provided residents with hassle-free relocations. As a top-rated moving provider, we can complete full-service packing, delivery, and unpacking services. 

We are also a Bekins Van Line agent, giving us the network to make moves of any distance across the United States. To learn more about our Worester moving services, contact us today! Call to speak with one of our moving specialists or fill out the online contact form.