Whether it is your first time or your tenth time moving into a new home, it’s probably safe to say that planning and executing a relocation project is complicated no matter the situation. This is especially true when you’re preparing for a cross-country or interstate move, which is much more involved than a move across town or even into a city in the same state.

For individuals, families, or businesses embarking on a long-distance move, cross-country moving companies can help to make the experience a smooth, organized affair—no matter the size or complexity of the project. Aside from full-service moving solutions from a reputable mover, there are many other things you can do to facilitate an interstate move as well.

If you’re currently on the lookout for reliable moving companies, cross-country moving experts at Liberty Movers have been helping customers with smooth relocations since 1920. In this article, our experts will discuss some of our company’s favorite tips for planning an easy, hassle-free moving cross-country experience to help you get started with the process.

Planning the Cross-Country Move

Any type of move requires careful planning for it to become successful. Just because a DIY move is possible, doesn’t mean it’s advisable—especially for people moving long-distance, with children, or with specialty, fragile or heavy items. In most cases, it’s highly recommended to hire professional moving companies to receive expert solutions, logistics, and planning resources.

As soon as the decision to move has been finalized, determine the target move date and begin planning your moving calendar and timeline. Also, when creating a budget, don’t forget to include even the smallest potential expenses on the list. Your moving team can help you with this part if you’re not sure what those expenses might be.

Identifying Your Belongings That You Will Bring

Before your cross-country move, it is highly advisable to downsize in a major way. This will not only save you from the hassle of carrying extra but will also help you save money in relocation costs as transporting extra items will undoubtedly cost you more.

With this, take the time to sort your belongings into piles: things you’re taking with you, things you’re giving away, and things you’re planning on selling. Once you’re done, create an inventory of the items that you will take with you in the move to stay organized before, during, and after the relocation.

Update Essential Documents

If you’re moving across state lines, you’ll need to register your new address with the post office, register your car and license plates, and other important information with the proper official departments. You will also need a new driver’s license, so check the state requirements to see when those changes must be completed after you move.

Accomplish All Travel Arrangements Ahead of Time

Booking travel arrangements at the last minute is never advisable. When you are planning to move across the country, make sure that you have scheduled your travel plans at least a month ahead. If necessary, use online hotel and air travel booking sites with policies that allow for last-minute changes should you need to adjust your schedule for whatever reason.

Get Quotes From Multiple Moving Companies Cross-Country

Before signing a contract with a moving company, you must ensure that the company can deliver the high-quality services you need and the best value for your money. Aside from researching online and asking around for recommendations, you should also interview these service providers in person. For best results, plan on receiving price estimates from three or four cross country moving companies and comparing their rates and services to choose the best one.

Your Dedicated Cross-Country Moving Company

Are you looking for established, professional cross-country moving companies in Worcester and Central Massachusetts? With almost a century of experience providing superior quality moving and storage services on the East Coast, Liberty Movers is here for you. We’d love to help you plan a flawless moving experience at an affordable price, whether you’re moving locally, long-distance, or across the country in a residential or commercial move.

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