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Must Read Long Distance Moving FAQ

Planning a long-distance move is stressful, and you probably have a lot of questions, especially if this is your first time. Although there are benefits to your average long distance moving guide (complete with overly complex check lists) sometimes you just want a few solid yet simple answers. If that sounds like you, then it’s a good thing you happened upon Liberty Movers: the long distance movers who know how to take your important questions and provide answers that actually help you!

When is the best time to conduct a long distance move?

There are great perks to moving any time of the year, so deciding what time is best depends on your individual priorities. For example, moving during the spring and summer is great because you can take advantage of your children’s vacation time, and moving when the weather is nice can be preferable. However, moving during the fall and winter might be cheaper because you benefit from off-season rates.

How do I pack for a long distance move?

Ideally, you will choose to have your belongings packed by professional long distance movers. This way, you know your valuables are well protected each step of the way. However, if you’re a DIY type, then it’s a good idea to learn some expert packing tips. To get started, here is a basic list of supplies you will need to pack for a long distance move—and a few tips while we’re at it!

Sturdy moving boxes in various sizes: Never over-pack boxes and always fill gaps with packing paper.

Packing paper and bubble wrap: When packing glassware, fill openings with paper before wrapping.

Packaging tape and labels: Never load boxes that are not tapped shut, and detailed labels make finding your items later much simpler!

Moving dolly: Don’t try to move those heavy furniture items and appliances without a moving dolly.

Are there items I cannot pack when moving long distances?

Unfortunately, yes. Your moving company will provide an extensive list of items that are banned including perishables, aerosols, propane cylinders, paints, and more. The goal is to provide you with a safe and efficient relocation, and sometimes that means leaving a few items behind.

Will long distance movers relocate my plants and pets?

Most moving companies cannot ensure safe relocation of pets or plants, so it is recommended that you keep them with you or make other arrangements. If you’re moving with pets, make a checklist of all items you will need to keep your furry or feathered friends happy and safe like food, leashes/collars, medications, treats, and a comfortable carrier.

When should I start planning my move?

The easy answer is now! If you’re reading this article, then chances are you’re already planning a move—or at least considering one. Even if you’re hiring a moving company, there are things you can begin doing now like sorting and purging your items, completing your change of address form, arranging to have your utilities transferred, and learning some fun facts about your new community.

If you’re looking for long distance movers in MA who have what it takes to provide you with a stress-free and affordable move—while answering all questions you have along the way—go with Liberty Movers! If this long distance moving FAQ was helpful for you, then give us a call and let us know, and don’t forget to get your free moving estimate while you’re at it!