For 18 years, kids wait for the big day when they can pack-up, move out of the family home, and begin the college journey. While this is a major milestone for young adults and parents alike, it is also a monumental task that involves a lot of preparation beforehand! Like any household move, packing for college requires time, patience, and creativity to make sure that you have exactly what you need to set-up your new dorm room.

At Liberty Movers, we understand that knowing exactly how to pack for college is the first step towards ensuring a smooth transition to campus. That’s why we’ve broken down a step-by-step guide of college packing tips that can help you get a jumpstart on the process:  

1.  Start Early & Create a Game Plan

You’ll know your college move-in day well in advance, and that’s when you also need to start thinking about packing for college. Instead of waiting until the last minute, start the process by gathering moving supplies, researching providers, and decluttering your room to narrow down what you’ll actually need to take.

2.  Reach Out for Information

There are a lot of unknowns for a student that is moving onto campus for the first time, which is why it is important to reach-out and ask questions along the way! Talk to your future roommate to make a plan for what each of you will bring, and communicate with your school to find out if there are any items banned from campus—such as pets, certain electronics, or appliances.

3.  Stick to the Basics of Home

While it can be scary to leave home and move out to campus, items from home can go a long way in making your new life easier and more comfortable. When deciding how to pack for college, start with the necessities—such as all-season clothing, personal care items, and cleaning supplies. From there, pack essentials that will create a home-like environment in your new room by taking along bedding, décor, entertainment, and other comfort items.

4.  Understand Size Limitations

We often find that people are surprised when confronted with the reality of just how small a dorm room is while unpacking, and you can avoid this hassle by keeping the limitations of your new home in mind during the packing process. Focus on creative storage solutions and space-saving accessories when deciding how to pack items for your new space, and dive into the decluttering process from the start to cut down on the amount of belongings you have.

5.  Have a Long-Term Plan

The initial move into a college dorm gets all of the necessities out of the way—but that doesn’t mean that your old home isn’t still filled with your belongings! When packing, have a plan in mind for how you will handle the storage of any items that don’t fit into your new room. Looking into short- and long-term storage options at a secured facility is an ideal way to protect your valued belongings until you are ready to deal with them.  

With summer winding down, students across the country are scrambling to get everything in order to move to college, and Liberty Movers is there every step of the way with professional college packing tips and an esteemed crew of expert moving and packing professionals. To learn more about we can help you have a successful college move—without the stress—just give us a call or fill out our online form today to request a free consultation and quote.