Does the idea of moving in the winter give you the chills … literally? The image of icy roads, sub-zero temperatures, and blocked driveways might deter many movers from considering winter moving and storage. However, experienced movers in Worcester, MA, actually recommend moving in the winter. Sound crazy? Read on to find out why!

1.  Moving in the Winter Saves You Money

Like any business, relocation services set their prices based on supply and demand. Household movers are overbooked and overworked during the summer months, so people pay premium prices for moves during these times. Moving in the winter, however, isn’t as popular, so if you’re willing to brave the cold, you could score a great deal.  Generally, prices are lowest December-February and begin to rise again in March.

2.  Get Winter Moving and Storage Services Exactly When You Need Them!

It can be stressful to book moving and storage services when there are thousands of people completing for the same timeslots. You might be stuck with mid-week moving dates, and need to take off more time from work than necessary. By booking movers in Worcester, MA, during the winter season, you have a much better chance of landing your preferred moving date and time!

3.  You Won’t Need to Worry about Keeping the Kids Busy!

While your kids will no doubt be by your side on the actual moving date, you’ll need to pack, plan, and prepare beforehand. You don’t need household movers to tell you that this is much easier when the kids are occupied at school. During the summer months, you’ll need to keep your kids busy while packing away your household — but in the winter months, school will do the work for you!

Ready to book your winter move? Call the certified household movers at Liberty Movers! We’ll help you design a moving package that fits your exact needs and budget, and give you a free in-home estimate that gives you full control of your move!