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Packing Tips

Whether you use Liberty Movers packing services or if you decide to pack on your own, it is important to plan and organize. Plan to pack only items that you will use in your new home. Don't pack items that you've been planning to get rid of - donate them to charity before you move.

Please be aware that your electronic equipment may require special preparation. Be sure to detach all cords and wires and keep them in a labeled bag so you know where they belong. When moving computers, scanners or printers, be sure to detach cords and wires, paper trays, etc. and label all cable and wires for easy re-assembly. Be sure to use well padded, sturdy cartons to cushion the equipment. Mark these items "fragile". Large screen televisions will require extra padding and protection. If possible, pack it in its original carton. If these cartons are not available, consider crating the item prior to moving day.

  • If you plan to pack some or all of your belongings, start early by packing a few boxes each day.
  • Packing should be done on a room by room basis.
  • Mark the top of each carton with your name, general contents description, and room location.
  • Involve your children in the packing process by allowing them to pack their favorite toys.
  • Pack a box marked "arrival kit." This box should include: telephone, baby items, flashlight, light bulbs, teakettle, coffee, dishwashing detergent, paper towels, scissors, hammer, screwdriver, bar of soap, canned soup, disposable utensils, paper plates, small saucepan, first aid kit, can opener, a wash cloth and towel. This box can be loaded last and unloaded first for easy accessibility in your new home.

For a description of moving boxes, please visit our packing supplies page.


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